Our Story


The term 'BevShot' refers to unaltered photographs of beverages that have been crystallized and viewed under a polarized light microscope. The imaging technique is also called photomicrography and is used in a wide range of applications. The difficult trick in producing these wonderful images is getting the beverage to crystallize, which requires both a solid scientific understanding of the process along with intuition and experience about what conditions to attempt. Through many years of hard work we are proud to say that the BevShots image collection spans a wide range of liquors, cocktails, beer, wine, and mixers. Each drink produces a unique crystal featuring striking topological patterns and radiant colors, perfect for contemporary art and other products.


BevShots has developed several ranges of contemporary products. We continue to offer a unique selection of high-end prints for use as display art. In recent years we have branched out into elegant fashion accessories and flashy items for bars. Our products appeal in many ways to interior designers, beer and wine aficionados, dapper men and hipsters, science geeks, and anyone who simply likes visually appealing décor and apparel. In addition to continually expanding our image collection we are always looking for ways to branch out into new specialty product lines and partner with other sites to broaden the appeal of our collection.


In the 1990s scientist Michael W. Davidson pioneered new techniques in his laboratory at Florida State University (FSU) for photographing alcoholic beverages under a polarized light. The work was an extension of his expertise in crystallization and microscopy. The resulting images presented beautiful abstract renderings and were first offered as a popular necktie collection. Nearly a decade later entrepreneur Lester Hutt happened across Davidson's spectacular image collection and decided to found BevShots in order to bring this unique mash-up of art and science to the masses. Since then BevShots brand has developed a range of contemporary art, fashion, and bar ware products featuring Davidson's works.


Our mission is to create amazing works of art and memorable products from the process of crystallizing and imaging different types of beverages. As part of that mission we partner with breweries, vineyards, distilleries, and all manner of beverage producers. As you peruse our website please look for featured drinks alongside images in our gallery. We encourage you to click on the images to learn more about the company that produces that drink and where to purchase their products.


Q: How are BevShots images produced?

A: Proprietary crystallization methods, part art part science, are required to produce each drink crystal.  Different conditions are optimal for each drink, and each drink yields novel imagery by virtue of their chemical composition.


Q: Can BevShots produce new images?

A: We endeavor to produce new images for the latest drinks and on a custom basis for breweries, distilleries, vineyards, etc., who seek a BevShots image of their products for marketing purposes.  Suggestions for drinks we should photograph and requests for custom shoots are welcome.


Q: Are BevShots products available internationally?

A: Currently we ship globally from the US and via a partner in the EU.  We are actively looking for distribution partners, in particular for Brazil and Japan.


Q: Are BevShots available for display in my venue?

A: We are actively looking for locations to feature a BevShots installation, including bars, restaurants, galleries, etc., don't hesitate to contact us.


Q: Can I feature BevShots on my site (or vice versa)?

A: Whether you are a micro-brewery or a major brand, we would like to explore co-branding opportunities.  To the extent that it drives traffic and business for both parties, we feel that it's worth doing.


Q: Is BevShots hiring?

A: We are actively looking for creative and motivated individuals to promote our products in major metropolitan areas on a profit-sharing basis.